In English

We are still writing our story in English, but meanwhile please take a look on our international courses below.

If you have questions or have new ideas for colaboration, please contact:
Leena Janhila, Specialist / CCI Entrepreneurship & Business
+358 400 349 397

English Communications for CI Entrepreneurs

A free micro course for CCI entrepreneurs to improve skills for self description and to learn how to descripe one’s vision, passion, goals for their work.

What you get? More than words: how to communicate your passion for something in English and how to find your own authentic voice to speak English.

Online courses on Culture, Organization & Sustainability Management (COSM)

COSM is the educational offer of harmonised three courses (3 x 5 ECTS) focused on cultural management and organisational change regarding wide range of sustainability values.

COSM is a laboratory of sustainability focused cultural management teaching methods and social (community) impact tools, applied to cultural management and cultural organisations practices.

The courses:

  • COSM 1: Cultural Organisation & Sustainability Management 5 ECTS
  • COSM 2: Cultural Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Management 5 ECTS
  • COSM 3: Cultural Management & 3 Dimensions of the Sustainability: Environmental, Social & Economic 5 ECTS

Further information and registration here.