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Creve: Making your goals come true

Humak Creve is an incubator for businesses in the creative industries, owned by Humak University of Applied Sciences. Creve can provide you with personal long-term support and concrete assistance for your new business from start to growth and internationalization. Our customers are entrepreneurs focusing on international success in the fields of for example design, wellness, digital marketing, sports, gaming and experience production.

Our services are available to you when you need them and just for the time you need them. You can join us at any time.

SME’s from a variety of fields have found a partner in us for the creative know-how and business training as well as motivating keynotes for business events, get-togethers and meetings.

Concrete actions for reaching your goals

Creve is an incubator for new businesses in the creative sectors aiming for international success. You can be at the beginning stages or already taking the next steps toward developing your business.

Continual support brings benefits

You can realize your goals on time with the help of a roadmap and a personal trainer. You can get continual, long-term support, perspective and confidence for entrepreneurship, concrete help for business operations and the most useful contacts with experienced entrepreneurs in your own area for international growth.

We can focus on your particular requirements such as:

  • starting a new business or focusing on new target markets
  • collecting information about customer needs and markets
  • product, service and customer experience development
  • brand development and test marketing
  • sales, sales expansion and new customer acquisition

You can also get help with applying for funds: for example, from ELY Centre, Tekes, Finnvera, banks, crowdfunding or business angels.

What do the incubator services include?

1 Roadmap: The goal and how to get there
Based on your individual needs, we will put together an action plan: long-term and short-term concrete goals, scheduled operations, responsibilities and required resources for reaching the goals. The roadmap provides you a tool for your daily actions. The roadmap can also serve, if necessary, as the basis for funding applications.

Once every six months you will receive a roadmap workshop. Each workshop lasts 3hrs. Purchased individually, the workshop costs 350€ (+24% VAT).

2 Your Own Personal Trainer
Creve will provide you with your own personal trainer, who functions as your individual business support and who helps you to reach the goals you set. The personal trainer is also there to listen and motivate, to challenge you to think things through, to exceed yourself and to remind you when it’s time to reward yourself. The personal trainer’s task is to pay attention as well to the entrepreneur’s own well-being.

3 Advisors with international experience to help you grow your business
To meet the needs of your business, we help you locate internationally experienced business advisors and mentors from your own field. They can provide you with a different perspective and the experience you need to develop your business.

Duration and price

Typically, businesses employing Creve’s services do so in blocks of six to twelve months. During that period, the establishment of business operations, their realization and keeping to the timetable you set are more precise. You can specify the duration of our services based on the needs of your business. Businesses that have worked with Creve have been satisfied and have continued with us after the initial period.

The monthly price for Creve’s incubator services is 350€ + 24% VAT and is invoiced every 3 months.

Funding for business development

Please note that our services qualify for support from The ELY Centre and Tekes. We can help you to plan and complete the application for funding. For example, the Tempo fund administered by Tekes is oriented to startups and is a good funding tool in the first steps of internationalization: building networks, collecting information about your target group, piloting and test marketing.

Business angels have also joined forces with our businesses and startups have launched international crowdfunding campaigns. Interest in creative sector startups is rising significantly.


For further information, please contact:

Leena Janhila
Specialist / Entrepreneurship & Business
mp. +358 20 7621 397